Advisory Board

NephTalk’s Advisory Board consists of medical and professional experts from across a wide range of disciplines, all of whom give their time and expertise to NephTalk to help inform and support our work.

  • Graham Abra, MD, Director Medical Clinical Affairs
  • Grace Snyder-McNutt, MD, Satellite Healthcare North Laredo Medical Director
  • Paul Bennett, PhD, MHSM, GCAppStats, RN, Director Medical Clinical Affairs
  • Jugjeet Atwal, Project Manager Medical Clinical Affairs
  • Ginger Myers, RN, CCM, Sr. Director Home Operations
  • Patrice Zyry, RN, BSN, CNN, Sr. Director Home Operations
  • Sheri Kujundzich, RN, BSN, CNN, Sr. Director Home Operations
  • Tye Lucas, Director Patient Services
  • Juliet Famadico, MSW, Medical Social Worker
  • Chaquita Shannon, LMSW, Float Team
  • Chasity Shugart, LCSW, Medical Social Worker
  • Erick Smith, Market Development Rep